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3/4" Ball Joint Spacers

Chevy 283 cu in Small Block V8 - SOLD

eBay Item # Nevermind it's SOLD

This is a Chevy Small Block V8, 283 Cubic Inch Engine


Above - The intake manifold in the middle on the top of the pile of parts DOES NOT go with this engine.  It was placed there by mistake and the person taking pictures did not notice it at the time.  Also, the parts pictured are the OLD parts.  You will need to use the oil pan, intake manifold, and heads pictured but new cam, crank, and pistons are included (pics below).


'91-'94 Chevy Lumina Z34 Hood

'91-'94 Chevy Lumina Z34 Rear Deck / Trunk Lid

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I also have numerous other parts for Chevy Corvair ('65 - '69), Chevy Impala (Around '67), Chevy Lumina Z34 (1st Gen - '91 - '94). 

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